Zomato PiggyBank Invite Code Get Free Rs.100 & 10% Discount


Zomato PiggyBank Invite Code is used to get Free Rs.100 in your Piggybank wallet as well you can use it on Zomato online order and get 10% discount and each tie you order a food using piggybank Zomato donate Rs.1 to Akshaya Patra Foundation on your behalf. Use Zomato Invite Code to get discount and help through charity.


Zomato Piggybank Invite Code

Zomato PiggyBank Invite Code :- EHET1792

Zomato PiggyBank Invite Code to Get Free Rs.100:-

  1. Download and Install Zomato App.
  2. Register using mobile number & email address .
  3. You will see an option of Piggybank click on that
  4. At the bottom, you will see an option to Enter Piggybank Invite Code.
  5. Enter above Zomato invite code.
  6. You will get Rs.100 coins.
  7. Use them on given piggybank accepted restaurant.

Suggested Offers :- 

  1. Bigbasket Free Rs.100 & Earn Upto 5000 by refer and earn
  2. Oyo Rooms Free Rs.500 and earn free stays
  3. Fassos Free Food of Rs.125 and Earn Rs.5000
  4. Dunzo Free Rs.150 and Earn upto Rs.5000
  5. Ola Auto Coupon Code

You can get Zomato invite code once you enter the code to piggybank. You can also earn more piggybank coins by referring to friends and family. The validity of Zomato piggybank coins is one month only. You have to use it before it expires otherwise it will get expired.

Zomato Piggybank Invite Code Details:-

  1. Earn rewards on every order Get 10% of the order value in your Piggy Bank on every online order through Zomato
  2. Use these Coins to avail up to 10% off on your order at a wide choice of exclusive partners
  3. Every time you order using Piggy Bank Coins, Zomato donate 1 on your behalf to the Akshaya Patra Foundation

Zomato Piggybank Invite Code FAQ’s:-

  • How do I get Zomato Piggybank?
    • For starters, Piggy Bank has an invite-only access available to a select few customers. If you are not a part of the invite list you will have to get referred by someone who already has Piggybank
  • How can I earn more Coins?
    • Earn more by ordering online more often. Every time you order online from any restaurant on Zomato, you earn Coins.
  • How do I burn my Piggy Bank Coins?
    • You can use your Coins to avail up to 10 % off on all orders at any Piggy Bank partner restaurant. To Identify a Piggy Bank partner, look for this signs
  • Can the restaurant partners change after I get Zomato Piggybank?
    • Yes, our select restaurant partners may change with time; we keep adding new ones to the list and offer you more choices to redeem your Coins Sometimes an existing partner may also be temporarily removed due to certain business constraints at their end or if We’re working with them to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.
  • When do my Coins expire?
    • All Coins earned in a calendar month expire by the end of the next month if they remain unused. For instance, if you earned 100 Coins in March and you didn’t use these Coins by the end of April, your 100 Coins will expire on April 30th.
  • How many times can I redeem my Coins on online orders from the same restaurant?
    • As many times as you like.
  • Can I use all my Coins on one order?
    • As long as the Coins used are equal to or less than 10% of your online order, yes!
  • Do I get Coins on an order that already has a discount?
    • Yes, you do
  • Are you charging me 1 additional for charity?
    • No. Zomato is making this donation on your behalf- you won’t be paying anything extra
  • What is the value for each Coin?
    • 1 Coin from your Piggy Bank can be used to get a discount of 1 on an online order.
  • What if I don’t want to use Coins on a particular restaurant?
    • If you are ordering online from a Piggy Bank partner restaurant, your Coins are automatically used to get up to 10% discount on that order.

Zomato Piggybank Invite Code Sharing Message:-

Don’t have Zomato Piggybank yet? I can help B-). Get exclusive access to Zomato Piggybank with my invite code EHET1792. https://zoma.to/piggybank

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