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Meesho Referral Code EHETESH323 Get 30% Discount on First Order

Meesho is offering 30% discount if you apply referral code EHETESH323 on the signup page. Meesho is #1 reselling app where you get a chance to earn by selling their products to your friends and family also applying meesho referral code giving you extra benefit of 30% discount on your first ever order and also meesho is giving you to chance to earn real money by promoting it app using refer and earn program.

In this article we will cover the

  • How to use meesho referral code
  • How to earn money by sharing products
  • How to earn money by referring meesho app

Meesho Referral Code

Let’s move with the above questions asked frequently by the user

What is meesho referral code ?

  1. Download/Install meesho app by clicking here
  2. Go to my profile – Signup
  3. Enter Mobile number and OTP
  4. After successfully signup go to profile
  5. You will see an option of apply referral code
  6. Apply Meesho Referral Code EHETESH323
  7. After successfully applying of the code place first order
  8. you will see automatically 30% discount applied on your first order

The above steps will help you to get discount on your first order also now there are 2 options where you can earn money as shown below

How to Share products and Earn Money?

  1. Search or browse product which you feel to share with your circle.
  2. Share that product image and description to your friends or family using whatsapp and facebook.
  3. Convey your friends to buy that product at your price which will be extra from original price.
  4. after you get order just take the name and address of your friend
  5. place the order in the meesho app and add your selling price on payment page.
  6. place order with COD so that meesho will deliver and collect your given selling price.
  7. After that meesho will give you your commission in bank account.
  8. thats how it works

Also there are one more way where you can earn money using referring meesho app using meesho refer and earn program as shown below

Meesho Refer and Earn Program

  1. After successfully opening account in the meesho account go to my profile
  2. go to refer and earn section
  3. you will see your meesho referral code and referral link
  4. share this to your friends and family and as mentioned earlier proceed with the same process.
  5. in this way you can earn commission on their sell

Lets revised again with some more frequently asked questions

What is Refer & Earn program?

With Refer & Earn program, you can help friends and family members get started with their reselling business. Every time you bring a referral, you earn commission on their sales! Not only this – your referral gets 30% discount on their first order.

How do I refer someone?

Referring people is simple:

1. Go to ‘My Account’ section and then click on ‘Refer & Earn’.

2. You will see your unique referral code and you can click on the Tap to invite friends’ button to share your code.

3. If your friend installs the app using the link you shared, you will get a notification from Meesho informing you about the same. You will also see the referral details in ‘Refer & Earn’ section after they sign up.

How do I get my referral commission?

Whenever your referral places an order, you get a commission on it. The maximum referral commission for one order is Rs 350.

You will get the referral commission directly in your bank account every Tuesday for all orders that have been delivered after their return period is over.

How much can I earn through this program?

There’s no limitation on how much you can earn. We have thousands of resellers who earn more than Rs 5000 per month from just the refer & earn program.

Who should I refer?

It is best to refer friends, family and other people who themselves are interested in starting something of their own. If you’re worried that you share the same customer group with your referral, you can also try sharing your code with people in different cities who will have a different customer group. 70% of our resellers refer people from a different city.

How do I convince someone to join Meesho?

When you share your referral code with someone, make sure you call them up or meet them (if they are in same city). It is very important to explain your referral about Reselling & how to use the Meesho app.

Also- Make sure that you help your referral get. their first few orders on Meesho. When they get their first few orders, they will be more confident about doing reselling.

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