Grofers Referral Code Instant Free Rs.150 Grofers Cash

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Grofers is offering free Rs.150 in Grofers account using Grofers Referral Code.

Grofers is a low price online grocery portal in this you will get daily need grocery at a reasonable price at your doorsteps. Grocery offering extra discounts in some ways like if you sign up using Grofers referral code you will receive free Rs.150 Grofers Cash and also if you are a new user then you will get a first user promo code as well as Grofers also offering the bank discounts in this way you can save an extra discount on the grocery order.

Grofers Referral Code:- WNK14Y

Extra 20% off use below code on checkout page


What is Grofers referral code?

Grofers referral code is a signup code “WNK14Y” used to get free rs.150 in Grofers cash. On the signup page on Grofers android app you will see an option of Grofers referral code in this enter Grofers Referral code ” WNK14Y “ and complete the process then you will receive Rs.150 Grofers cash.

It is necessary to enter the Grofers referral code on the signup page to get free rs.150 otherwise you will not receive the referral bonus.

Grofers Referral Code for new user

How to use Grofers Referral Code?

  1. Download and install Grofers app on Android | iPhonegrofers android app
  2. Open the app and click on the menu
  3. Go to login
  4. Enter Phone Number
  5. Enter Referral Code { Important } :- WNK14Y
    Grofers referral code screen
  6. You will receive an OTP to verify the mobile number
  7.  That’s it. You will receive Rs.150 in Grofers cash.
  8. Shop grocery and at payment option, you can use the Grofers cash.

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Steps to Earn Free Items using Grofers Referral Code?

You can also earn free items using the promotion of Grofers referral code. In this, you have to promote your unique referral code to your friends and family so when then use the referral code on sign up page and place first order then you will receive coins and using earned coins you can avail the free item.

  1. Open Grofers app
  2. Go to the menu and click on Free Items
  3. You will see your unique referral code
  4. Share this to your friend and family and tell them to place their first order
  5. you will receive 1 coin
  6. use coins to get free items

List of free items on Grofers are as follows on date 03-March-2019:-

Sr No. Item Name Coins


Original Price
1 Prestige Omega Select Plus Omni 30709
Non-Stick Aluminium 1.36 It Tawa 25 cm
4 NA
2 Prestige Popular 10013 Aluminium Outer Lid
Pressure Cooker 5 It Silver
12 NA
3 Prestige Popular Plus 10203 Aluminium
Outer Lid Pressure Cooker 5 It Silver
12 NA
4 Princeware Store Fresh 5681C6 Polypropylene
4 Pcs Container Set (Assorted)
4 NA
5 Orka Candy Beans Round Bean Bag Refill
(White) – 500g
4 Rs.399
6 Eurospa Elegance 100% Cotton Bath Towel
1 Rs.299
7 Dinesmart Stylon Pink Flower Melamine 6
Pcs Half Dinner Plate Set (7.5″, White) Free
6 units
4 Rs.299
8 Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Whole Wheat
Atta – 5 kg
4 Rs.180
9 Grofers Happy Day Prime Gold Tea (Pouch) 4 Rs.420
10 Dinesmart Stylon Trinity Melamine 6 Pcs
Dinner Plate Set (10.75″, White)
6 Rs.499
11 Amiraj AB 162 Plastic Chopping Board 4 Rs.599
12 Pampers Baby Dry Pants Diaper (L) – Pack
of 128s L
12 Rs.1999
13 Pampers Baby Dry Pants Diaper (M) Pack
of 152 M
12 Rs.1999
14 Prestige Nakshatra Plus Handi 20451 Hard
Anodised Aluminium Inner Lid Induction
Pressure Cooker (3 It, Black)
12 Rs.2080
15 Fabsurya Stainless Steel with Glass Top 2
Burner Gas Stove
12 Rs.4950

Grofers Referral Code Terms & Conditions:-

Free Store on Grofers is a Referral Program which lets our current users share Grofers with their friends in order to get ‘Grofers Coins’ which can be redeemed by getting free items from the  ‘Free Store’ page. Their friends will receive the scratch card on successful sign up through the link received from the Referrer (Current Grofers User). Redeeming the scratch card will give their friends up to Rs.150 cashback. Referrer will get ‘Grofers Coins’ on the delivery of their friend’s (Referee) first order.

1. How would I know which referee of mine has placed an order using my referral code?

Referrer has to verify which Referee has placed an order and whether their order has been delivered or not. On successful order delivery of Referee, the coins earned will be reflected on the Free Store of Referrer.

  1. How can the Referee avail the benefits of the Referral Program?

The referee has to sign up using the link that Referrer has shared with them. During the sign-up process, the Referee has to apply the Referral Code. After successful sign-up, Referee will get a scratch card. Redeeming the scratch card will give up to Rs.150 cashback to Referee.

  1. What happens if a free item has been added to cart and it goes out of stock the next time user visits cart?

The item will be removed from cart and coins will be loaded back as soon as the user visits the free store again.

  1. Is there any minimum order value?


  1. For whom all is Free Store available?

The free store is available for Android users all over India. It is visible on the homepage and navigation bar on the left.

  1. Is this live for PAN India?

Referral is live for all 13 cities where ‘Grofers’ is operational in India.  Up to 20 items will be available which can be redeemed through ‘Grofers Coins’.

  1. What is the maximum cash back value for Referee?

The referee will be credited up to Rs.150 as cashback on successful sign up (from the link that he has received from Referrer). It is mandatory for the Referee to apply the referral code in the sign-up process.

  1. What is the minimum order value for the Referrer?

Referrer can redeem free items through coins by making a cart of more than Rs. 500 with free order delivery. Referrer will get ‘Grofers Coins’ after first order delivery of Referee.

  1. What is the minimum order value for the Referee?

The referee has to checkout a cart of more than Rs.500 with free delivery. Only after the delivery of the first order of Referee, the Referrer will get ‘Grofers Coins’

Contacts Sync & Save:

  • Grofers Sync & Save offer provides the customer/user of the Company’s mobile application (“Grofers App”), the option of earning Grofers cash on every first transaction in a month done by such Customer’s referrals on Grofers

  • By way of such express permission, the Customer allows Company to send referrals to contacts on such Customer’s phonebook for usage of Grofers app. Customer further agrees and guarantees that, on its acceptance to participate in the Offer, it has expressly consented to the Company to collect, use and share certain information regarding the contacts, contained in Customer device’s phone book (“Contact Information”) with other Users in accordance with the Privacy Policy in order to provide the benefits of the Offer.

  • The user who has synced their contacts under Grofers Sync & Save offer shall get ₹10 Grofers Cash on every first transaction in a month done by such Customer’s referrals on Grofers. The user can earn a maximum of ₹150 in a month.

  • Customer expressly acknowledges and agree that in order to avail the Offer and to enable the Company to provide the benefits thereunder, Company may periodically access the Contact Information to find and keep track of mobile phone numbers and other information of other users of the Offer. By allowing Contact Information to be collected, the customer gives the Company a right to use that Contact Information and guarantees that it has any and all permissions required to share such Contact Information with the Company. Customer retains the right to opt-out to prevent the sharing of Contact Information at any time.

  • For the purpose of the Offer, any data shared with Company will only be used to refer the Company’s services to the contacts available on the Customer’s device, upon such Customer according to express permission to Grofers to access its phone directory

  • Upon Customer’s consent, the Customer’s Contact Information shall be synced with Grofers mobile application.

  • Customer’s right to avail the benefits under the Offer shall continue until such time that Company, at its sole discretion and without the obligation of a notice, terminates the Offer. These Terms will automatically terminate if Customer fails substantially to comply with them. Upon termination by Customer, or by Company due to Customer’s breach of these terms, Customer may not be entitled to any outstanding benefits of the Offer.

  • Company hereby excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any and all liability which may arise from Customer sending messages/invites to its contacts or another third party, including but not limited to, any action or claim regarding spamming

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