Free Recharge App 💎 Get Instant Rs.500 Mobile Recharge for Android 📱

Free Recharge looks like a myth 😆 but due to competition and for promotion there are app which offer free recharge 😳. We will not provide any trick or hack ❌ to earn free recharge but of course we will provide you a genuine way to earn free recharges 😃 . You can recharge your Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Jio, Telenor, Aircel, Reliance  mobile number 📱 and you can earn more recharge money using referral scheme. In these referral schemes you can refer your friend and get more free recharge 😍 and also some of the app offer to install another app which give you additional recharge money👀 “YES” and there are many ways to earn free recharges which will be described in this post 📑.

Free Recharge App 💎 Get Instant Rs.500 Mobile Recharge for Android 📱

Free Recharge Proof :-


 Free Recharge App Requirement 💊 For Android & iOS :-

  1. Android or Apple iOS Smartphone
  2. Working Indian Sim Card 🗂️ .
  3. Free Space on your mobile phone.

Steps To Get Free Recharges:-

  1. Download and Install the app listed below 👇.
  2. Enter Referral Code that’s it you got free recharge.
  3. Refer app 🤝 and earn more recharge money.
With the above 3 simple steps 👍 you will get free recharge 💸. For more demonstration we added step by step procedure about how to download & install the app to earn recharges.  

Free Recharge App 1️⃣ :- TRUE BALANCE

True balance is one of most popular app because of it’s 30,000,000 downloads. The app is about to manage 🔁 your sim operator account balance and It also used to check the latest plans 🔔 of the mobile operator. True caller offers referral scheme 🤝 also where you can refer the app to your friends and family and earn reward points.


How to Download ⏬ True Balance :-

  1. Download and Install 🔍 Truebalance app From
  2. Sign in with details✏️ & you will Get Rs 10 joining bonus.
  3. Now if Balance in Your Sim is less then 10 you can Take Rs 10 loan also.😉
3 Steps 👍 and your mobile is recharged for Rs.20 . True Balance have option of prepaid mobile recharge of mobile operator Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone, Reliance of all states . Is this worked for you :- Yes / No If you don’t get recharge contact true balance on :- Facebook | G+ | Instagram or comment below.

Free Recharge App 2️⃣ :- MCENT

Mcent app is giving you lots of reward points to recharge your mobile. Using Mcent you can earn Rs. 31 by completing a very simple task of facebook page like and there are task like app download which will gives you extra Mcent points of Rs.300 Monthly so don’t wait to download Mcent app and get your monthly recharge done with this single app also. Lets check how to avail the offer. Free Recharge App 2️⃣ :- MCENT

How to Download ⏬ Mcent :-

  1. Download and Install 🔍 Mcent app From
  2. Sign in with details ✏️ & you will Get Rs 31 after completing task given by app.
  3. After registration open Mcent app and complete the task of downloading app and get more points.😉
3 Steps 👍 only to get monthly recharge points of Rs.300 & Mcent is very good app to check data balance where mcent gives very detailed information about how we use the internet data. Mcent also offer recharge points to keep the downloaded app on the mobile and by using it.  

Free Recharge App 3️⃣ :- CHAMPCASH

Champcash is very popular in the earning app and you also seen there are lots of messages forwarded on whatsapp about champcash becasue of it’s referral program. Champcash is a multi-earning app in these many task are provided and It is also works like MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Intresting thing about champcash is they gives us cash points which can utilize to recharge mobile phone or withdraw in your bank account. Free Recharge App 3️⃣ :- CHAMPCASH

How to Download ⏬ Champcash :-

  1. Download and Install 🔍 Champcash app From
  2. Sign in with details ✏️ and Enter Refer Id : 10770433 then  you will Get 1$=Rs.63
  3. After registration open Champcash app and complete the task of downloading app,shopping and many more to  earn real cash.😉

Free Recharge App 4️⃣ :- LADOOO

Ladooo is giving motichoor k ladooo’s Just Kidding. Ladooo is one of best way to earn recharges or paypal or real cash in paytm . It is trusted by over 10M smartphone mobiles as well as It runs in 6 countries. It also gives you to perform task as well as champcash and earn lot of recharges. Free Recharge App 4️⃣ :- LADOOO

How to Download ⏬ Ladooo :-

  1. Download and Install 🔍 Ladooo app From
  2. Sign in with details ✏️ and Enter Refer Id : 3D1991873473 then  you will Get Rs. 45
  3. After registration open Ladooo app and complete the task of downloading app,shopping and many more to  earn real cash.😉
Ladooo is more popular to download apps behalf of downloading apps ladooo gives you attractive money. The cash is deposited in your ladooo app then you can withdraw it by recharging mobile or for DTH or transfer it to PayTM. Free cash in digital wallets such as Paytm that can be used for: Pay for your Uber ride, Book movie tickets through BookMyShow, Book train tickets with IRCTC, Pay your electricity, gas and landline bills Send money to your friends , Shop or send it to your bank account  

Free Recharge App 5️⃣ :- TASK BUCKS

Task Bucks also means doing a task will give you bucks. Task Bucks have 10M Downloads from all over the world. Similarly to all above apps with some additional fun tasks like taking surveys, sharing interesting content, trying new apps or engaging with existing ones . and for all this you earn Bucks. Use these Bucks to get Free Paytm cash, Free postpaid bill payment, Free Paytm cash, Free mobile recharge and Free data recharge.   Free Recharge App 5️⃣ :- TASK BUCKS

How to Download ⏬ Task Bucks :-

  1. Download and Install 🔍 Task Bucks app From
  2. Sign in with Mobile Number ✏️ and Wait for OTP
  3. After registration successfully you’ll get Rs.20
TaskBucks best part is that when you try new app and if it’s not new for you so taskbucks gives you money for performing task like engage with that app. Whenever you installed any app it prompt a notification that open this app with taskbucks and earn recharge . Reading content also gives you some bucks with Task Bucks.  

Free Recharge App 6️⃣ :- EARN TALKTIME

Earn Talktime is a app name don’t get confused. Earn talktime is very popular app to earn lots of free talktime . It gives you to perform the tasks of trying new apps and engage with the downloaded app in returns you will get reward point which can be redeem in the for of free recharge. It also offer shopping from the app using reward points.   Free Recharge App 6️⃣ :- EARN TALKTIME  

How to Download ⏬ EARN TALKTIME :-

  1. Download and Install 🔍 Earn Talktime app From
  2. Sign in with Mobile Number ✏️ and Wait for OTP
  3. After registration successfully you’ll get Rs.20
Highest paying app in the industry is earn talktime. We have compared the download rates of all apps in that we got this app is highest paying by performing the task and the app is not about the downloading app there are many different tasks to be performed to earn a lot.


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