BIG Cinemas Coupons & Promo Codes for January 2016

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BIG Cinemas Coupons & Promo Codes for January 2016

Big Cinemas Coupons and Offers BIG Cinemas, a division of Reliance MediaWorks Ltd, is India’s largest cinema chain with over 540 screens spread across India, Nepal, US, Malaysia and Netherlands, and caters to 35 million consumers.

BIG Cinemas :

BIG Cinemas, a division of Reliance MediaWorks Limited, a member of the Reliance Group, is India’ largest cinema chain with about 516 screens spread across India, US and Malaysia. After pioneering the IMAX experience in India, it recently launched 3D and 6D technology and is the only cinema chain to screen films in all three formats. It is also launching the first megaplexes in the country.

Reliance MediaWorks Ltd :

Reliance MediaWorks Limited, a member of the Reliance Group, is India’s fastest growing film and entertainment services company. Reliance MediaWorks has a dominant and comprehensive presence in Film Services: Motion Picture Processing and DI, Film Restoration, Digital Mastering, Studios and Equipment rentals.

Reliance MediaWorks also operates India’s largest cinema chain with about 400 screens spread across India, US and Malaysia. It has a significant presence in the film distribution space with a nationwide presence across India as well as offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Malaysia. Reliance MediaWorks’ television venture, BIG Synergy, is among the top players in the television programming industry.

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Reliance Big Entertainment :

India is standing on the threshold of an experience and entertainment economy. It is at the cross roads of an exciting phase that will shape its cultural and social framework forever. Reliance Big Entertainment has evolved out of the group’s vision of meeting young India’s aspirations and assuming a leadership position in communications, media and entertainment. Reliance Big Entertainment is geared to create a significant presence in businesses across various vectors of content, internet, broadcast and retail services and platforms for distribution. The company strives to create converged services and platforms for masses to access innovative, cutting-edge content. Key content initiatives include production and strategic collaboration in areas such as gaming, movies, animation, music, broadcast, DTH and user-generated content, amongst others.

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Reliance Group :

India is a booming trillion dollar economy. An overwhelmingly young country, with more than 55% of its population i.e. over 550 million people below the age of 30. Steady GDP growth rate in excess of 7% has translated into rising income levels, complementing India?s ongoing economic revolution coupled with the energy, dynamism and ambition of its youth. India?s future will be propelled by strategic drivers such as the quality of its human capital, their access to cutting-edge technology, availability of hi-quality products and services at a lower cost and their will power to make India shine on the world map. The Reliance Group, strongly believes that it has a pivotal role to play, in shaping the destiny of our great nation. Through its various consumer facing businesses, the group provides a robust platform to every Indian to realize his potential and shape his / her destiny, through its state-of-the art products and services. The group, barely three years in the making, now ranks among India?s top 3 business houses with respect to key financial parameters. Its dominant presence across a wide array of high- growth consumer facing businesses, range from telecom and financial services to infrastructure, entertainment and healthcare.

Across different companies, the group positively influences the lives of over 100 million customers, or 1 in every 10 young and aspirational Indians every single day across 4.5 lakh villages and 20000 towns. It enjoys unparalleled trust, faith and confidence of nearly 12 million shareholders, the largest such family in India, perhaps even in the world. It is one of the largest employers in the country with a young, highly trained and motivated workforce approaching 100,000 strong. All this is focused towards achieving two goals. Building a great enterprise for its stakeholders and a great future for our country.

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