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  • Amazon Refer and Earn Rs 150

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Amazon Refer and Earn Rs 150

Amazon Offering Amazon Refer and Earn Program for each friend who signs up at and makes a purchase^ of Rs.200 or more. Your friend also gets Rs.75.

Amazon Refer and Earn Rs 150

Amazon Refer and Earn Rs 150

To reach thousands of new customer, Amazon has now started “Refer and Earn” program. There is also another way to earn money from amazon. Just sign up for affiliate account and start selling their products. Corresponding commission will be credited to your account which can be redeemed as a cash or gift voucher.

Create New Account To Earn Rs. 75 Amazon Gift Card:
  1. Create New Amazon Account – Click Here
  2. Now use Buy any Product amazon above Rs 200 go to
  3. On successful purchase you will also get free Rs. 75 Amazon Gift Card.



  • The gift card will remain valid for one year,
  • The gift card will get credited to your amazon account within 4 days,
  • The gift cards cannot be used to buy other gift cards or pay shipping charges,
  • The gift card’s balance can be checked from “Manage your gift cards page”,
  • The referral link can be mailed to 5 users at once.

Use of the ‘Share your link’, ‘Share on Facebook’ and ‘Refer via email’ options above is subject to our terms and conditions. Gift Cards will be automatically applied to your account approximately 30 days after an order for Rs.200 or more has shipped to a new Amazon member that you referred. Gift cards are issued by Qwikcilver. Gift Cards expire one year from date of issuance, are non-transferable, are non-refundable, and can be redeemed only on items sold at By participating in this program you agree to our Terms & Conditions. Refer and Earn Program – Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: February 22, 2016

These Refer and Earn Program Terms and Conditions are in addition to the Conditions of Use to which you also agree by using the website and the Terms and Conditions for the Gift Card (” Gift Card Terms “) issued by Qwikcilver Solutions Private Limited (“Qwikcilver“). To the extent the Amazon Conditions of Use are inconsistent with these terms, these terms will control with respect to the Refer and Earn Program only. To the extent the Gift Card Terms are inconsistent with these terms, these terms will control with respect to the Refer and Earn Program only.

For you to receive a referral bonus for inviting a new member,

  1. You must have a valid customer account on website
  2. The customer you refer must click on your link and successfully complete the signup process on the same calendar day
  3. The referred customer who registered the new account must be new (and not a returning or existing) customer. We will determine in our sole discretion whether the customer is new to
  4. The referred customer must place an order worth Rs. 200 (excluding shipping, handling and gift-wrapping fees) or more on the website. Purchases of Kindle ebooks and Gift Cards are not eligible; and
  5. The referred customer must not cancel the order prior to shipment and the order must not be returned or refunded.

You will receive your referral credit as an Gift Card issued by Qwikcilver (“Gift Card”) via email within 30 days after the new customer’s order has shipped.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these terms, these terms shall be in addition to and not in derogation to any other terms as stipulated by Qwikcilver for pre-paid cards from time to time. The Gift Card will be valid for one year from the date it is sent to your email address (which is registered at i.e. the date of issuance of such Gift Card. Your Gift Card balance will be automatically applied to your purchases on at checkout in the order in which they expire (i.e., first to expire will be applied first). See the Gift Card Terms for additional details.

You cannot use Gift Cards to buy additional gift cards or to pay shipping, handling, taxes, or any other applicable transaction costs. We may also specify certain products that are ineligible for payment using Gift cards earned under these terms from time to time.

Gift Cards are issued to a single Amazon account at our sole discretion and cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law.

Participation in the Refer and Earn Program may require you to submit personal information about you and the customers you refer, such as name and email address. You agree to receive communications from us with regard to your participation in the Refer and Earn Program, and to allow us to communicate with your friends about your participation (for example, by disclosing to your friends that an invitation was sent by you). Any information collected from you or your referred customers as part of the Refer and Earn Program will be subject to Amazon’s Privacy’s Notice .

If you participate in an Amazon affiliate marketing program, such as Associates, you will not receive Gift cards for any transaction for which you receive affiliate advertising fees.

We may terminate your eligibility to earn Gift Cards or terminate your account, or the accounts of members you refer, if you or they take any of the following actions:

  1. Open multiple accounts, including with different e-mail addresses, for the same person in order to generate additional referral credits;
  2. Refer customers using spam, display advertising, sponsored links, unsolicited e-mails, or links on message boards or forums.
  3. Distribute your personal invite link via IM clients, text messages or in any other offline method (e.g in any printed material, mail or other document, or any oral solicitation);
  4. Use false names, impersonate other people, or otherwise provide false or misleading information to us;
  5. Offer incentives to others who register new accounts;
  6. Violate these terms or any other terms and conditions on, including but not limited to the Gift Card Terms in any way; or
  7. Participate in the Refer and Earn Program where doing so would be prohibited by any applicable law or regulations.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to you to add to, remove or otherwise change these terms, including without limitation: changing the amount of the referral bonus, modifying how you may earn and spend referral credits, modifying the duration and expiration of Gift Cards, requiring minimum purchase amounts for use of Gift Cards, instituting maximum amount of referral credits that you may earn, and discontinuing the Refer and Earn Program entirely. We will post an updated version of these terms on the website, and you will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use the website or the Refer and Earn Program after the date such changes are posted. Refer and Earn Program – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Refer and Earn Program ?

The Refer and Earn Program lets you invite friends to join Amazon. For every friend you successfully refer to, you will receive a gift card worth Rs. 150, redeemable on the site.

What is the benefit?

If your friends accept the invite, sign up at and complete their first purchase worth Rs. 200 (excluding shipping, handling or gift-wrapping fees) or more, we will send you a Gift Card worth Rs. 150* valid for purchases at

Additionally, we will also send your friends a Gift Card worth Rs. 75*, once they have completed their first purchase.

How can I refer to my friends?

You can invite your friends to join through either of the following options:

  • Invite via e-mail: On the Referral page, in the “Refer via e-mail” section, enter the e-mail ids of friends you wish to invite, and click “Send Invitation”. You can enter up to 5 e-mail ids in a single attempt.
  • Post unique referral link: Your unique referral link is available on the Referral page. Copy and share this link on any website or blog that you own or manage to invite friends to
  • Share on Facebook: On the Referral page, click on “Share on Facebook”. You will be redirected to the Facebook login page. Once you log in, a link will be posted on your wall. Share this link with your Facebook friends to invite them to

Is there a limit on the number of email invites I can send?

Yes, you can send up to 100 e-mail invites.

Can I invite anyone?

Yes, you can invite any of your friends or acquaintances. However, to ensure that users don’t get spammed, please ensure that you only send invites to people you are acquainted with.

How long is the referral link valid for?

Your referral links are valid for a period of 60 days from the time you share them. As long as a non-member joins though your link, and successfully completes their first purchase, you will receive a referral bonus. After the order ships, the Gift Card will take 30 days to appear in your account

How do I get the Gift Card?

You will receive a Gift Card issued via email within 30 days after the date the order has been shipped to a new member that you referred.

Are there any restrictions on using the Gift Card to shop at

Gift Cards cannot be used to buy other gift cards or to pay shipping, handling, taxes or any other applicable transaction cost. For more information, please read the Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

Do Gift Cards have an expiry date?

Yes. All Gift Cards, including any unused Gift Card balances, expire one year from the date of issuance. You can find the expiry date on the Manage Your Gift Cards page

How do I check my Gift Card balance?

You can view your Gift Card balance and the associated details on the “Manage Your Gift Cards” page.

Why did I not get a Gift Card for an invite that was accepted?

To ensure the account security of our members, we cannot disclose or confirm any account information or order history from another member’s account. However, if you aren’t notified about your referral bonus within 30 days, it’s likely that one or more of the following conditions weren’t met:

  • The person who clicked the link was already an Amazon user
  • The user clicked on your link and didn’t create an account or complete their first purchase
  • The user clicked on your link, but did not complete the sign up process on the same day
  • The total order value (excluding shipping, handling and gift-wrapping fees) of the first purchase was less than Rs 200.
  • The referred member placed an eligible order, but the order hasn’t been shipped yet
  • The referred member purchased a Kindle eBook or Gift Card
  • In certain instances, gift cards may take up to 30 days or more to appear in your account after an order ships
  • The new accounts does not meet all Conditions of Use.

Do I receive a referral bonus if a user I referred purchases a Kindle eBook?

You will not receive a referral bonus on Kindle eBook purchases.

I wish to create an account on via the referral link my friend has sent me. What do I need to do to accept the invite?

Please check your personal e-mail. The referral invite is sent via an e-mail which includes a link. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the registration page. You will need to complete your registration, create an account and place an order for at least Rs 200 (excluding shipping, handling and gift-wrapping fees) to avail the benefit of the Refer and Earn Program.

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